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ECEAP, short for the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program, is a state-funded initiative in Washington State. It operates through the Department of Early Learning and collaborates with contracted early learning programs and contracts. 

The program, administered by YES! For Early Success, is a statewide cooperative that partners with community-based small programs to provide comprehensive early childhood education services in a School full-day model. YES model of ECEAP is designed to embrace the unique cultural, linguistic, and social norms of the communities it serves.

ECEAP places a strong emphasis on empowering families to make choices about where they want their child to have their first school experience. Recognizing that families play a crucial role as a child's first teacher, ECEAP programs are dedicated to supporting the individual needs of the families they serve.


Choice and Family-Centered Approach


Diverse Services Offered

Each ECEAP site operated by YES! For Early Success is unique and may offer a range of services, including childcare for children of different ages, before and after-school care, and ECEAP services. The School Day program under YES! ECEAP provides 5.5 hours of instruction per day, four or five days per week, running from September through June. It's important to note that each program may have different start and stop dates.


Holistic Child Development

At ECEAP programs, qualified lead staff members provide daily opportunities for children to grow at their own pace while working towards kindergarten readiness. Throughout the day, students engage in activities that foster skills in language, literacy, math, science, social studies, arts, physical health, and social-emotional development.

ECEAP Provides

Nurturing staff who are well-trained to foster each child's sense of security, confidence, and readiness for kindergarten.

Developmentally and culturally appropriate classroom activities designed to support the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of each child.

Health, nutrition, and developmental screenings to support healthy growth and development.

A safe and healthy environment for children.

Inclusive services for children with disabilities.

Additional support for families, including parent education and referrals for needed resources.

Funding and Eligibility

Funding for ECEAP comes from the Washington State Department of Early Learning, YES! For Early Success, and your chosen individual program.


Eligibility and Application Information

YES! For Early Success collaborates with multiple marginalized ECE programs across Washington State to offer School Day support. Families seeking longer hours than the 5.5-hour program can apply for financial assistance through the Working Childcare Connection Child Care program here.

Eligibility Criteria:

Families with income at or below 36% of the state median income (refer to the chart below).

Qualified by a school district or tribal school for special education services.

McKinney-Vento eligible.

Is a tribal child, temporarily defined by DCYF and ECEAP Tribal Workgroup, and at or below 100% of SMI.

Has participated in Early Head Start, Early Support for Infants and Toddlers program (ESIT), Early ECEAP, Early Childhood Intervention and Prevention Service program (ECLISPE), or received IDEA Part C Early Intervention Services.

Child in foster care.

From a family with income that exceeds 36% of the SMI (S) and impacted by specific prioritization factors identified by DCYF that are linked by research to school performance, within the limits set by DCYF and the State Legislature.

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