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Parent Policy

Calling ALL ECEAP Parents 📢

What is Policy Council?

Policy Council is a group of dedicated ECEAP parents and community members who play a vital role in leading and making decisions about our program. These members are elected by parents of children in our program because we believe your voice matters. As our program is part of the Cooperative, each Policy Council member collaborates with the YES for Early Success Board of Directors to improve our programs and make them more inclusive. Your voice is valued, and you give voice to the things that matter most to you.

What kinds of decisions does Policy Council make?

Policy Council plays a pivotal role in determining:

• Which families are selected for ECEAP
• How services will be delivered
• Goals, plans, and budgets
• The locations of our programs

What will I gain from serving on Policy Council?

By joining Policy Council, you'll benefit from:

 • An opportunity to make a positive impact on your child and your ECE program
• The chance to contribute to the overall improvement of the Early Learning program
• Building new friendships and working collaboratively in a group of goal center parents
• Gaining knowledge about how large organizations and budgets function
• Developing leadership skills
• Advocating for the interests and rights of children and families

How often does Policy Council meet?

Policy Council meetings take place once a month on the third Thursday of the month via Zoom. We offer three sessions in English, Spanish, and Somali for your convenience. Join the Zoom Meeting Here

How long do I serve on Policy Council?

Your term on Policy Council lasts for one year, from November to November.

Do we (Parents) Really Matter?


Leadership and governance form the foundation of effective management within ECEAP. Our leadership structure comprises three key entities:
• The Governing Body (Cooperative members with legal and fiscal responsibilities)
• Policy Council/Parent Committees (setting program needs and direction)
• Management Staff (responsible for day-to-day operations)

These entities collaborate to provide leadership and strategic direction. We collectively explore resources to assist the contractor (YES! For Early Success) in navigating tasks and relationships. Join us in building a strong community for Washington State, For Us... BY US! We are STRONGER TOGETHER.

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