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The importance of the Early Success Statewide Cooperative (YES) cannot be overstated.

YES is a vital organization that serves both Urban core and Rural communities, embracing partnerships with small BIPOC Family Child Care and Small minority centers. In a time when the field of early learning faces numerous challenges, YES stands as a beacon of hope and support.

ECEAP, with its comprehensive wrap-around support model, has proven to be a remarkable tool for strengthening communities. It has played a crucial role in sustaining programs, particularly those serving communities of color, through the fiscal and emotional challenges heightened through the COVID-19 pandemic.

What sets YES apart is its commitment to uniqueness, community-driven initiatives, cultural responsiveness, and parental choice. Each program that collaborates with YES brings its own distinct qualities and strengths to the table. It is through these partnerships that YES reaches out to communities in need, helping them thrive and ensure the growth of the Early Learning field.

YES aspires to integrate its services deeply within communities for communities. The ultimate goal is to support the state in achieving entitlement by 2026, but it goes beyond that. YES aims to be the voice of the community, representing, supporting, and elevating the aspirations of those it serves.
In essence, YES is more than an organization; it's a lifeline, a champion, and a driving force for Early Success. Thank you DCYF Expansion Team for your dedication and commitment to making a difference in the lives of children and families across the state; and thank you for including us in the journey.  


Sincerely, Mary Curry


Empowering marginalized licensed programs across Washington State to secure ECEAP slots for early learners and their families. Our mission is to partner with ECE programs, ensuring that they have the resources and guidance needed to provide equitable access to high-quality ECEAP opportunities for every child, while also empowering families to advocate for their children’s education bridging the gap between ECE and elementary school, and preparing children for kindergarten readiness.

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Envisioning a collaborative network of licensed programs and empowered families dedicated to early childhood education excellence. Our vision is to lead the way in fostering partnerships and providing expert guidance, creating a statewide community of licensed programs that are committed to preparing children for a lifetime of learning and achievement through ECEAP slots. Additionally, we aspire to establish a statewide parent policy committee, where parents can lend leadership roles at local, state and national levels, ensuring that the needs, cultures and perspectives of families are integral to the success of early learning education; while acknowledging and building community.

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