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Yes! for Early Success: Services

Provider Driven, Community Focused

Kids in Preschool

ECEAP Subcontracting

Members of Y.E.S. are eligible to obtain an ECEAP subcontractor agreement. ECEAP will give wrap-around support to the families your program serves. Working through a culturally competent and racial equity lens, YES exists to ensure qualified sites are given the opportunity to receive ECEAP services.

Colorful Indoor Playground


As a membership driven co-op we exist to allow licensed childcare members access to additional childcare resources collectively. In order to meet the growing childcare needs in a variety of cultural and unique communities in Washington state, Yes for Early Success adopted a model that focuses on small businesses. By participating in this cooperative the member will have their large-scale needs met in their small businesses.

Diverse Kindergarten

Professional Development

High quality childcare is possible for all programs to reach. YES offers members  professional development opportunities to meet their personal and professional goals for their licensed childcare facilities.

Contact Us

1201 Pacific Ave. Tacoma, WA 98402

1 855 594 3792

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