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New Subcontractor Application

YES! For Early Success Cooperative was established to address a critical need in Washington. Many Family Childcare programs and small centers found it challenging to meet the requirement of applying for a minimum of 75 slots. From the very beginning of our contracting journey, we recognized the diverse unique needs of each program.

Our commitment to providing comprehensive support led us to offer a wide range of services, including:

Professional Development

Fiscal Management

Cooperative Business Model

Program Support

Access to compatible state resources such as partnership with Working Childcare Connection

Nutritional Support

Mental & Health Advisory

Early Achiever Program

Statewide Advocacy

Indoor and Outdoor Environmental Support

Curriculum and Assessment Training

Family Support Coordination

Interpretive Services

Statewide Parent Committee Coordination

Training with technology systems

To ensure that programs can fully benefit from these layers of support, we have implemented a three-month onboarding process upon contracting with YES! For Early Success Cooperative.

If you are interested, please complete the following DCYF Interest Form:

Contractor Name: YES! For Early Success

New Subcontractor Information

YES will provide family support to each family.
YES will coordinate health services with each family.

Site Contact Person (Person at the facility responsible for operations)

Site is within an elementary school.
Does DCYF License This Site For Child Care.
Is your site in good standing by DCYF Licensing?
Is this site participating in Early Achiever?
Is this Site participating in remedial activities?

Email this completed and signed form to The assigned ECEAP CQI Specialist will notify you when the new subcontractor is approved.

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